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To Defy a King are tabletop War games rules for the English Civil War. The Rules are designed to give a flavour of the period whilst giving a quick and easy game. Games can be played with anything from a few units up to a full scale battle lasting all day. The rules have been designed with games lasting 3 to 4 hours using around 10 units per side.

There is a unique game set up using unit cards and army lists that use cards for each year of the war. The main unit within these rules is the regiment and each regiment is made up of a number of stands. Units can be as small as 2 stands going up to as large as 10 stands. All dice required in these rules are D6.

Included in the rulebook are the rules, army lists along with a battle report. You are also provided with a fast sheet and 10 A4 cards that provide the unit cards that make up all of the army lists.

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Wargames Dispatch has been established to bring innovative Wargames rules to the hobby, providing not only rules that gamers can enjoy, but to bring a flavour of the period to our games.

All rules within Wargames Dispatch allow any scale to be used thereby ensuring existing collections will still be useable.

The creator of Wargames Dispatch has been wargaming for well over 30 years and has created a number of rules over this period of time. The first set of rules produced by the company, “To Defy a King,” are about to be published and we hope you enjoy them.

Keith Johnson
Wargames Dispatch